One Small Gift

Have you ever felt like God totally skipped over you when He was handing out gifts and talents? Ever questioned whether Jesus Himself could do anything with what little you have to offer?

There was a young boy who lived a couple thousand years ago who, I bet, felt the same way.

He probably felt quite small and insignificant in the crowd of thousands, some say as many as 12,000. These folks had traveled from miles and miles around and were gathered on a hillside listening to Jesus teach.

When evening drew near, the disciples wanted to send the people away to buy food, but Jesus said to Philip, “You give them something to eat.”

Philip looked around at the impossible situation. He quickly calculated how much money that would take. Andrew, another disciple, spotted a boy who had a few loaves and fishes. He brought the boy to Jesus.

Can you imagine? The youngster was practically invisible one minute and standing before the Master Himself the next. The child didn’t have much but he gave what he had to Jesus. 

Jesus held the loaves and fishes in His capable hands—hands that had gestured emphatically when He taught, hands that had healed the sick earlier in the day. Now, those same hands held what amounted to little more than a tuna fish sandwich. What would He do with it?

Can you imagine this little boy’s excitement? His wide-eyed wonder and anticipation? He watched as Jesus gave thanks and began to break the bread. Jesus broke and broke and broke, until everyone ate to their fill and were satisfied—and there were twelve baskets of food left over.

This little boy’s small gift in the hands of Jesus made a big difference. Our small gift in the hands of a big God, can make a big difference too.

Our gift…

His hands.

Hands that are more than the hands of a babe in a manger, more than the hands of a boy at the temple, more than the hands of a teen in a carpenter’s shop, more than the hands of a man on a cross.

His hands…

God’s hands come to earth. They are hands that multiply, hands that minister, hands that are mighty — Majestic hands.

In His hands, our small gifts can make a big difference.

What small gift will you offer to Jesus today that, with His hands, will satisfy the hunger needs of others?