Below you will find some of the most requested topics Donna offers for women’s ministry events.  However, she will be glad to create or customize a message to accommodate your theme. To get in touch, complete the contact form here. 


God's Girls 

Perfect for women of all ages, God’s Girls is a lively and interactive themed message that is sure to both inform and transform participants. Together listeners will explore what it truly means to “belong” to Christ. Chocked full of good news and good truths, this study will leave listeners with confident assurance.  This themed topic is one that will leave listeners transformed and empowered to live life with confidence in knowing their true identity as found in Christ and in Him alone. Donna can tailor this for a one-session event or an extended conference or retreat with small group breakouts as requested. This study examines 5 exciting characteristic traits of "God's G.I.R.L.S." Women will be amazed as we discover together the joys of what it means to be:

  • Gifted for service

  • Included in Christ

  • Redeemed by His love

  • Loved to Love Others

  • Sealed by the Spirit

Changing Seasons - Constant God

While change does not come easy for anyone, audiences will gain a new perspective of the value of trusting God through every circumstance, season and situation of their lives. We will explore what it means to trust God’s character, His faithfulness and  attributes through each and every season of our lives. Even when life throws us curve balls we can trust God’s character, his attributes, and faithfulness. Together we will see that when we can’t trace God’s hand, we can still trust His heart. The central theme for this retreat, special event or conference topic is: Seasons come and seasons go but God "is the same yesterday and today and forever." (Heb 13:8, NIV)

Note: This material can be used as a single-event topic or as a multi-session retreat or conference. Handouts and small group discussion sessions are included with Changing Seasons. 

Women: Who ARE We Anyway?

 A humorous yet insightful look at who we are as women. In this lively and interactive message, Donna leads women to a better understanding of who God says they are. Women will be surprised to learn that they are more like Jesus than they think. 

Three Truths About Your "WHO"

  1. God loves you-- Romans 8:38-39

  2. God delights in you -- Zeph. 3:17

  3. God has a plan for your life -- Jer. 29:11

Three Things to "DO"

  1. Sit at His feet. (Mary and Martha) Luke 10:38-42

  2. Spread the Word (Mary at the tomb) John 20:17

  3. Sin No More (Woman caught in adultery) John 8:10-11

Adjusting Your "VIEW" 

  1. Be willing to always give a reason for the hope that is in you. I Peter 3:15

  2. Be completely humble and gentle, bearing with one another in love. Eph. 4:2

  3. Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry. James 1:19

The Power of Pause

While it’s not always in our nature to press the pause button, we will go counter cultural in this teaching as we power down electronically in order to power up spiritually. We will unplug from the world and plunge into the Word and turn off external distractions so we can tune in to the voice of the One who knows us best and loves us most. In other words, we will press the pause button as we press into the presence of the Lord.

SELAH is a Hebrew word that means to pause or reflect. Found many times in the book of Psalms or Habakkuk, God stops us and says, “Before you continue reading, pause and let My words be absorbed into your soul.” And in this teaching, we are going to see that there is power in pausing. Before you continue walking through whatever circumstance or stage of life you’re in right now, pause and absorb. If we as women are going to have strength and courage, peace and faith, we will have to learn to press the pause button. We pause not to “do nothing”, but to engage with the One who holds us, both figuratively and literally, in His very hands.


Need a message with purpose and power but want to have a good time getting there?  Donna’s messages for ladies’ nights out were created to delight the heart of God and to make you laugh out loud.

Her most requested ladies’ nights out topics:

  • DeLIGHTfully His

  • God, a Grandé Latté, and a Good Laugh!

  • Not by Sight—Faith-walking 101

  • Something Beautiful

  • Calm Down and Lighten Up!

  • Hat’s Off to You – The Many Hats Women Wear – Proverbs 31

  • God of This City – He’s The Light of Our Darkness - Isaiah 9:2

A Christmas Gift for your Women's Ministry 

During this hectic time of “shopping ‘til dropping” and “baking ‘til aching,” why not take a couple of hours to refresh, renew, and recharge spiritually?  Plan now to give the women in your church a night that celebrates the birth of The Baby who changed all things for all people for all time.

Wrap up Some Fun from Donna this Christmas:

  • Expressive J.O.Y.

  • I Found the Perfect Gift, but Misplaced Jesus

  • Celebrate the Christ Child!

  • Out of the Wreckage and into His Arms

Mother's Day Events for Moms, Daughters & Other Special Women

A mother herself, Donna has a few topics for your Mother’s Day celebration.  Why not serve up a good time that will leave your ladies thinking pink! With talks perfect for your banquet, luncheon, or tea, Donna will bless your ladies.   Her heartfelt words and funny stories will create a cherished memory for all.  Contact Donna to hear more about the messages listed below or let Donna develop a message that is tailored to your theme.

Included in Donna’s Mothers, Daughters, and Others messages are:

  • Simply Pinkerlicious!

  • Glass Slipper Forgiveness and Tiara Faith

  • Hot Pink, Hot Flashes, and Hot Mamas

  • Embracing M.O.M.s—Miracles of the Moments

NEW TOPIC:  Who Are We Anyway? 

 Finding Your Identity In Christ. DETAILS COMING SOON


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