What A Difference An "A" Makes

“But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord”.
1 Peter 3:15

With Christmas in the rear view mirror now, my favorite nativity set will soon packed up and put away. When December rolls around again I will most likely do what I’ve done every year for as long as I can remember. I’ll pull out the little baby first thing and place Him safely in the manger. There’s just something about seeing that babe in the manger that makes me most grateful that to us “a child was born and a Son was given.”

Without the coming of the Christ-child we would surely be without hope, wouldn’t we? I think that is one reason I love the image of the babe in the manger. If, however, I always and only view Christ in this way, I am shortsighted indeed. He is so much more.

The truth of the matter is the One Mary laid in the manger was sent to be manager of all.

The question is will I allow The One with supreme authority complete authority in my life? How about you?

Did you notice that there is only one letter difference between the word manger and manager? With the addition of the “a” and the middle of manger we get the word manager. Why not let that extra “a” be an encouragement to acknowledge, accept, and adore Jesus as manager and Lord?

So, with January 2018 approaching quickly, let me ask you: What place are you assigning Jesus? Is He simply pulled out in December and then packed away and tucked into storage? Or, is He the uncontested Lord and manager of your life?